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MediaLight Ideal-Lume Pro (Mk2 Chip) & Pro2 Desk Lamp

MediaLight Ideal-Lume Pro (Mk2 Chip) & Pro2 Desk Lamp

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The Ideal-Lume™ Pro & Pro2 by MediaLight LED desk lamps are designed to serve for control console area illumination in critical color grading post production environments. They are designed to provide local area downward lighting that conforms to the recommended CIE D65 specification for ambient illumination when working on video programs.

A removable black blinder hood is included to prevent monitor screen reflections from the LEDs. Dimming is provided for adjusting the light output as needed.\

Use of this product allows compliance with the latest SMPTE standards and recommendations for reference viewing environment conditions.

What's the difference between Mk2 and Pro2?: The Ideal-Lume Pro2 Desk Lamp is identical to the Ideal-Lume Pro Desk Lamp aside from the substitution of the Pro2 chips. The original Ideal-Lume Pro Desk Lamp always (somewhat confusingly*) included a Mk2 chip and is the same version used by colorists worldwide.

*The naming conventions for MediaLight and Ideal-Lume product ranges were different. What Ideal-Lume called the "Pro," MediaLight called the Mk2.
  • 6500K - Simulated D65, featuring the Colorgrade Mk2 SMD chip
  • CRI 98 (or CRI 99 for the Pro2 chip version)
  • Color-stable dimming
  • Instant warmup
  • 4-220 lumens
  • 10 watts
  • 30,000 life hours
  • 110V AC 60Hz or 220v-230v AC 50Hz - a universal adapter with interchangeable prongs is included
  • Beam angle 80° - 120° with/without hood
  • RoHS / CE Compliant
  • This lamp includes an international AC adapter with interchangeable plugs
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


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