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CalMAN for FSI

CalMAN for FSI

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CalMAN for FSI software features an AutoCube process that uses Dynamic ProfilingTM to measure, write, verify, and optimize the accuracy of the monitor's 3D LUTs automatically. CalMAN for FSI can save 3D LUTs in both FSI's .dat and .cfe formats making it compatible with CFE, CFE2, and CFE3 equipped FSI monitors. CalMAN for FSI is also compatible with FSI's BoxIO.

CalMAN for FSI only outputs 3D LUTs in FSI's formats and only integrates with the Colorimetry Research CR100, the C6 colorimeter, xRite i1D3DS, and the Klein Instruments K10A colorimeter (all sold separately).

CalMAN for FSI integrates with Resolve or the optional Virtual Forge software for test pattern generation.

Visit for more information.

*Please note that CalMAN is a Windows PC based application
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