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Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate

Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate

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The Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate enables you to quickly and securely mount a wide variety of supplemental devices to your monitor. It is designed to attach between the monitor's chassis and any 100mm VESA mounting device including VESA to Light/C-Stand adapters (MM100) and standard 100mm VESA desktop stands. A convenient handle is also included and can optionally be attached to make carrying your monitor from one place to the next safer and easier.

The T-Plate features both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 threaded holes as accessory attachment points. It is equipped with 8 countersunk M4 holes allowing the plate to be attached in either a low or high position on a wide variety of monitor sizes. These countersunk plate attachment points allow the plate to be affixed without interfering with any of the equipment mounted to the surface of the T-Plate. 8 threaded M4 holes allow desktop or VESA to Light / C-Stand adapters to be mounted lower or higher on the T-Plate depending on your application needs.

The Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate has a series of 8 integrated spacer squares that provide for sufficient airflow to the monitor and attached accessories while still maintaining a low profile. These spacers also help to ensure that screw ends from attached accessories do not dig into the monitor's chassis.

The T-Shape design of this plate has been made to specifically stay clear of the battery plate and inputs on most FSI monitor models while still allowing for a large number of mounting points for attached equipment. The design also allows users to continue using FSI Solutions snap on hoods with their monitors while the T-Plate is attached. The T-Plate can also remain attached for transport in several FSI Solutions transport cases including the TC27, TC32, CASE24-1, CASE24-2, CASE25, CASE25D, CH17, CH21, and CH25. The Case17N can be modified to accommodate transport of a DM170 with the T-Plate attached (see More Info tab). The T-Plate has been made to work on 16.5" - 31" FSI monitors, but will also work on most other monitors with 100mm VESA mounting points.

  • Made of durable anodized aluminum
  • Designed to work on 16.5" - 31" FSI monitors
  • (18) 3/8"-16 threaded holes
  • (36) 1/4"-20 threaded holes
  • Includes T-Plate, T-Plate handle, and T-Plate mounting screws. Monitors, cases, etc. pictured are sold separately.
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