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MM100LP VESA to Light/C-Stand Adapter with Landscape/Portrait Swing

MM100LP VESA to Light/C-Stand Adapter with Landscape/Portrait Swing

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FSI Solutions lightweight VESA to 5/8" spigot adapter with additional ability to swing monitor from landscape to portrait mode. This lightweight mount is adjustable with 2 pivot points allowing for quick and easy positioning of the monitor for ideal viewing. Attaches directly to the VESA (75mm or 100mm) mounting point on the back of the monitor and to any 5/8" male spigot.

This adapter is made of durable aircraft grade anodized aluminum and can support up to 40lbs of weight. The easy to use quick release design works well in combination with FSI Solutions 17"-26" Carrying Cases with Integrated Hood allowing you to switch quickly between desktop and Light/C-Stand use. The landscape to portrait swing is also easy to control using a quick release lever allowing for maximum versatility and quick adjustment between these orientations.


  • 100mm/75mm VESA mounting plate
  • Works on any stand with 5/8" male spigot
  • Landscape to Portrait Swinger built in to mount
  • Made of Lightweight Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • Supports up to 40lbs
  • Can work in combination with all FSI Solutions Carrying Cases with Integrated Hood
  • Adjustable with 3 Durable Adjustment Handles
  • Quick Release Design for easy removal from stand
  • Compatible with all 17" through 32" FSI monitors
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