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The i1D3DS OEM is a basic, but very capable, colorimeter that can be used in conjunction with AutoCal, Calman, LightSpace, and ColourSpace for quick and easy calibration of your FSI monitor.

Unlike the standard i1D3 this version is equipped with custom firmware that allows up to 18 separate custom display matrices to be saved directly to the device’s memory. This enables direct connect volumetric AutoCal compatibility with all FSI DM series monitors. See the video below for details.

If you plan on using the i1D3DS OEM from FSI with Calman or ColourSpace we will be happy to provide you with specific software-based matrices for the FSI monitor technologies you plan on measuring, simply let us know in the order comments section at checkout what software (Calman or ColourSpace) and what FSI monitor models you plan on measuring so we can include these in addition to the hardware-based matrices saved directly to the probe.

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