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Colorimetry Research CR-250-RH

Colorimetry Research CR-250-RH

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The Colorimetry Research CR-250 is a high resolution spectroradiometer featuring 4nm spectral bandwidth and 1.6nm/pixel resolution. This probe is highly accurate and display agnostic allowing it to be used with all current and future display technologies including LCD, OLED, and projection.

The CR-250 is compact and lightweight (just 1.0 lb / 0.45 kg) yet extremely durable thanks to its all metal machined aluminum and stainless steel construction. Every CR-250 is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate verifying the instrument's accuracy.

The CR-250-RH's rubber hood and large measurement spot size allow the spectroradiometer to be placed conveniently right against the screen of virtually all flat panel displays.

The CR-250 can be used with the CRI Application for manual measurement and logging. It is also compatible with FSI's AutoCal, LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS, LightIllusion's ColourSpace, and Portrait Display's CalMan allowing for full 3D LUT based calibration of Flanders Scientific monitors.

*LightSpace CMS is sold separately.
*CalMAN is sold separately.
*ColourSpace is sold separately.

CMOS image sensor, 256 pixels

Spectral Range
380 - 780 nm

Spectral Bandwidth
4 nm

Spectral Accuracy
+- 0.3 nm

Spectral Resolution
1.6nm / pixel

Luminance Range
0.05 fL to 45,000 fL

Luminance Repeatability
≤ 1 %

Chromaticity Accuracy
+- 0.0015 x,y

Chromaticity Repeatability
0.0005 x,y

Polarization Error
≤ 0.5%
Digital Resolution

16 bits
Custom Synchronization
10 - 10,000 Hz

Exposure Time Range
0.02 to 30 seconds

Power Requirements
5V, 120 mA, (600mW) via USB 2.0

Interface USB 2.0
Weight / Mass 1.0 pound (0.45 kg)

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